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BMAS is an established firm of accountants based in Central London with facilities to have meetings and consultations at specified locations within M25 and beyond with the additional advantage of having video meetings. A valued and highly experienced team member will conduct the initial meeting. BMAS Accountants specialize in a variety of accounting services with outstanding support. With our expertise and ability to understand your business in great depth we can take care of your accounting needs expeditiously. At BMAS we know that accounting involves more than just crunching numbers and instead requires an in depth understanding of each client’s story and needs, which is why we are equipped to handle the books for you, leaving you to worry less and live more. Tap into a wide range of accounting support from pioneering professionals including end-of-year accounts, audit, payroll, and tax advice. Our team are well versed in the maze that is HMRC and bear a wealth of connections that have helped many of our clients enhance and take their business to the next level. Our purpose is more than providing a service, it is to attain the best possible future for your business. We offer our services to the following (but not limited to) sectors:

  • Media & Digital world
  • Importers and exporters
  • Industrial
  • Legal
  • Leisure & hospitality
  • Manufacturing & engineering
  • Real estate
  • Retail
  • Private
  • Professional


Our Services

Self Assessment

With a lasting and reputable history of working towards the best for our clients we continue to offer a tailored approach in relieving financial burdens and uncertainties. Our team, to a matchless standard, is equipped with the knowledge

VAT Returns

We thrive on strengthening our relationships with our clients by asking the right questions and providing accurate expert advice. Our experienced and proficient team will aid you in getting the accurate calculations and timely payments.

Year End Accounts

With our team positioned on the top of all regulatory and legislative development, you do not need to invest much time and energy in understanding any accounting complexities. Our services are bound to take stress off your shoulders.


For twenty years we have believed that every client deserves a tailored and easy to understand service. Our experts have the knowledge and determination

Payroll – PAYE

Do you have concerns regarding your payslip? We understand how busy you are. Outsource your problems to us and our accountants will facilitate


Corporation Tax

Our team has strived to lift the financial burdens off our clients’ shoulders. Get in touch with us today and let us do the same for you.



Our job is to use a humanitarian and holistic approach towards providing the best professional accounting and bookkeeping services to our clients and network groups. Our cultivated team will ensure that all services are provided to the highest standards and that you are treated with the highest priority. Your goals and dreams are our goals and dreams, so let us aid in you securing the best future for yourself and your business.


Our resolute team does not steer clear of achieving the best result for our clients. With client satisfaction being a priority for our team, we will ensure that we dedicate our unremitting work ethic to providing an exceptional service. Our promises to you are that our business advice will make a difference and that we will support you throughout. In order to achieve this, we will aim to establish a strong relationship with you.



Our reach within and outside of the United Kingdom has been built on the work of an industrious team with twenty years of experience in providing excellent accountancy and tax services thereby contributing to the successful maintenance of prestigious global companies. We are confident that we are most suitable option if you are looking for accountants for Small Businesses, accountants for Medium Businesses, accountants for Online Businesses, accountants for Builders and contractors, accountants for Property agents, accountants for IT Contractors, accountants for Start-up businesses, accountants for Landlords, accountants for Importers and exporters, accountants for Individual IHT & CGT, accountants for Taxi drivers, accountants for Retail shopkeepers, accountants for Restaurants / Take away, accountants for Transport businesses, accountants for Manufacturers, accountants for beauty salons, accountants for hair dressers and accountants for investors and new entrepreneurs.


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